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A Great Choice of Mohair For Your Reborns!

Super Deluxe Mohair - Golden Browm Suri Alpaca

Super Deluxe


Supplied by Susan Nagel and Exclusive to Lillian Trigg

The Perfect Hair For Your Reborns

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sonnyhead example1
pippahead sample2

lpblonde lgblonde goldblonde
Light Pale Blonde Light Golden Blonde Golden Blonde
warmgolblonde honeyblonde lbbrown
Warm Golden Blonde Honey Blonde Light Baby Brown
ltbrown fawnblonde strwblonde
Light Brown Fawn Blonde Strawberry Blonde
ltgoldbrown chestnutbrown fawnbrown
Light Golden Brown  Chestnut Brown   Fawn BROWN
mahogany darkgoldbrown meddarkbrown
Mahogany Dark Golden Brown   Medium Dark Brown
medchocbrown darkbrown deepdarkbrown
Medium Chocolate Brown  Dark Brown Deep Dark Brown 
  Black / Brown  

Super Deluxe Newborn Mohair

Minimum 8 inches Long (20cm)

Our Price: £32.00 per 1/2oz.

Please ensure you order enough Mohair to complete your project as we cannot
guarantee when colours will become available again or reserve them.


Slightly Wavy / Straight

Sold Out

Slightly Wavy

Sold Out

Wavy / Slightly Wavy

Colour :


Colour :

Wavy / Curly

Colour :


Sold Out


Suri Alpaca

The Finest Quality Imported Suri Alpaca Hair

Undyed Natural Colours for Your Reborns & Designer Dolls

Our Price: £14.50 per 1/4 oz (7gms)   Approx. 6" Long

poppy-suri01  poppy-suri02

My Poppy was rooted using Black / Brown Suri Alpaca, Perfect for that Preemie Softness.

Black / Brown Suri Alpaca Black Brown Dark Brown Suri Alpaca Dark Brown Medium Auburb Suri Alpaca Auburn Brown Strawberry Blonde Suri Alpaca Strawberry Blonde choolate brown Suri Alpaca Chocolate Brown
Dark Blonde Suri Alpaca Medium Blonde Suri Alpaca Blonde Suri Alpaca Light Blonde Suri Alpaca Platignum Blonde Suti Alpaca

Dark Blonde

Medium Blonde


Pale Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Our Price: £14.50 per 1/4oz

Colours :


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